The Wingfeather Saga
Published by Waterbrook Press and Rabbit Room Press
6 Total Books

This is a sequential series and is best read in order.

The Wingfeather Saga is a series of four fantasy-adventure novels about the three Igiby children, Janner, Kalmar, and Leeli. At the beginning of the story Janner is twelve, Kalmar (whose nickname is Tink) is eleven, and their little sister Leeli is nine. They’re accompanied by Leeli’s dog Nugget, their mother Nia, and their ex-pirate grandfather Podo Helmer.

They live in a world called Aerwiar, which is exactly like our world–except they don’t have electricity or gunpowder, and there are all sorts of creepy animals, like sea dragons and toothy cows. Janner, the eldest, is about to discover that the ordinary little town where they live is anything but ordinary. In fact, he and his family are at the center of a great mystery that will change their lives forever.

I hope you’ll get your hands on a copy of the book and join the adventure. But beware of the toothy cows. They’re horrifying.

Andrew Peterson, Author
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Books in this Series

Wingfeather Tales
Pembrick's Creaturepedia: Skreean Edition
On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness
North! Or Be Eaten
The Monster in the Hollows
The Warden and the Wolf King