The Secret Life of Squirrels
Published by Little, Brown & Company
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The Secret Life of Squirrels books were inspired by the busy and inquisitive squirrels in Nancy Rose's backyard in Canada. When these squirrels became regular visitors to Nancy's bird feeders, she began taking photographs of them and eventually added miniature handmade sets for fun. She creates the sets, positions them on her deck, and watched through the glass door for the squirrels' approach. Her camera is on a tripod by the door so that she can capture the squirrels in action. She makes many of her own props, such as the wishing wells, swing sets, bookshelves, park benches, furniture, and more. These days, Nancy's friends, old and new, offer her little things to use in her sets, like the tiny shopping cart.

Amazingly, she does not manipulate the photographs digitally to position the squirrels in the scenes—she gets the squirrels to pose by hiding peanuts in and around the props. Nancy enjoys photographing squirrels in particular because she loves their curiosity. It's also challenging to photograph the—they move very quickly! Sometimes it can take more than a hundred shots to get just the right image.

From The Secret Life of Squirrels: A Love Story
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