The Saviour of the World by Charlotte Mason
Published by Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner, & Co. Ltd. (London)
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The Saviour of the World is a six-volume collection of meditations on the Gospels written in verse form by Charlotte Mason.  The volumes cover the life of Christ in six parts, beginning with His Holy Infancy. The Saviour of the World volumes were originally published between 1908 and 1914.

Charlotte Mason loved children. She dedicated her life’s work to the development and advancement of a method of education in order that the children might inherit their full freedom. Many of us have read her Home Education series in order to understand her teachings but to these we must add Saviour of the World for it is “in these books that we share her deepest thoughts.”

W. H. Draper says,

“Mason’s chief object has been not to make a poem but to illuminate a theme which is itself to her more than poetry and includes it because it is the Truth of all truths and the Life of all lives. When familiarity with the letter of Scripture has thrown a kind of veil over the eyes, when critical and theological controversies have raised a dry dust round the figures and scenes portrayed, in such a time comes the opportunity for poetry to describe what it sees in freshness of spiritual perception and in gazing back on the Past without controversy and from a heart at peace.”

According to the historical PNEU programmes the Saviour of the World volumes were set for students in Forms III and up (7th-12th grade) as part of their Scripture reading.

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The complete set is available from Riverbend Press in a library-quality hardcover reprint edition with all original illustrations. This publication of Mason's Saviour of the World is in collaboration with the Charlotte Mason Institute. Volumes may be purchased as individual books or as a complete set. The complete set is offered at discounted price.

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Books in this Series

The Saviour of the World I: The Holy Infancy
The Saviour of the World II: His Dominion
The Saviour of the World III: The Kingdom of Heaven
The Saviour of the World IV: The Bread of Life
The Saviour of the World V: The Great Controversy
The Saviour of the World VI: The Training of the Disciples