The Arthurian Trilogy
Published by Bodley Head (London) and E. P. Dutton & Co., Inc. and Puffin Classics and Random House Children's Books and Red Fox Classics
3 Total Books

This is a sequential series and is best read in order.

In this exciting trilogy, Rosemary Sutcliff uses her superb narrative style to bring to life the ancient legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. 

Beginning with the tale of Arthur as a young boy in The Sword and the Circle, she dramatically retells the quests and adventures, jousts and loves of Gawain, Gareth, Tristan, Percival and many others.  However, the most exciting story of all is what happens to King Arthur himself; how he obtains Excalibur, marries Guinevere and battles the threat of the evil Morgan La Fay. 

She continues the story of King Arthur and the Knights in their Quest for the Holy Grail in the second book of the series.   She felt that this Quest ought to be treated as its own story and chose to write The Light Beyond the Forest to fill that gap. 

In the final book of the trilogy, The Road to Camlann, Ms. Sutcliff recreates the epic and tragic story of the last years of Camelot, bringing to a fitting conclusion her magnificent trilogy of retellings.  

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Books in this Series

The Sword and the Circle: King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table
The Light Beyond the Forest: The Quest for the Holy Grail
The Road to Camlann: The Death of King Arthur