American Adventure Series
Published by Harper & Row Publishers, Inc
22 Total Books

Edited by Emmett A Betts

The books in this series are highly engaging, quick paced and exciting. They were designed to capture the interest of the reader and hold it. Each books in the series becomes more difficult in vocabulary and comprehension. Many, but not all, of the chapters have a few questions at the end to gauge comprehension. They range from an advanced beginner to intermediate reading level.

The reading order, based on difficulty, is as follows:

  • Portugee Phillips and The Fighting Sioux
  • Friday - The Arapaho Indian
  • Squanto and The Pilgrims
  • Alec Majors
  • Pilot Jack Knight
  • Chief Black Hawk
  • Dan Morgan - Rifleman
  • Cowboys and Cattle Trails
  • Kit Carson
  • Buffalo Bill
  • Wild Bill Hickok
  • Davy Crockett
  • Daniel Boone
  • Fur Trappers of the Old West
  • The Rush for Gold
  • John Paul Jones
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