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Step-Up Books
Published by Random House
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In the past few years it has become increasingly obvious that a "gap" exists in the literature currently being published for young readers.

There are on the market excellent books for beginning readers. And there are many fine books for children who can read at the fourth-grade level. But until now few books have been published that are aimed specifically at the readers "in between".

Step-Up Books Have Been Created to Close That Gap

All Step-Up Books, according to the Spache Readability Formula, can be read by children at the late second-grade and early third-grade level. The subject matter is carefully chosen to appeal to the suddenly expanding breadth of interest of the child who has reached this level of reading and is anxious to get the facts.

Do you have a beginning reader who is ready to take the next step up?

Then here (At Last!) is the perfect book.

In this brand-new series:

  • THE WORDS ARE HARDER (but not much)
  • THERE'S A LOT MORE TEXT (but it's in bigger print)
  • THERE ARE PLENTY OF ILLUSTRATIONS (but it's not just a picture book)
  • And the subject matter has been carefully chosen to appeal to the young reader who is just discovering the wonderful world around him. Now he can discover it through the wonderful world of books.
From the dust jacket of Meet John F. Kennedy
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Books in this Series

The Adventures of Lewis and Clark
Animals Build Amazing Homes
Animals do the Strangest Things
Baseball Players do Amazing Things
Basketball Players do Amazing Things
Birds do the Strangest Things
Daredevils Do Amazing Things
The First Christmas
Fish do the Strangest Things
Football Players do Amazing Things
Insects do the Strangest Things
Kids do Amazing Things
Magicians do Amazing Things
Meet Abraham Lincoln
Meet Andrew Jackson
Meet Benjamin Franklin
Meet Christopher Columbus
Meet George Washington
Meet John F. Kennedy
Meet Martin Luther King, Jr.
Meet Robert E. Lee
Meet the Men who Sailed the Seas
Meet the North American Indians
Meet the Pilgrim Fathers
Meet Theodore Roosevelt
Meet Thomas Jefferson
Plants do Amazing Things
Prehistoric Monsters did the Strangest Things
Put Your Foot in Your Mouth and Other Silly Sayings
Reptiles Do the Strangest Things
Sea Creatures Do Amazing Things
Secrets of the Mummies
Star Wars: The Making of the Movie
The Story of Flight
True-Life Treasure Hunts
White House Children
Wonder Women of Sports