Richard Halliburton's Five Passports to Adventure
Published by Bobbs-Merrill Company
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Five trips along unbeaten baths—five journeys away from trade routes—five glorious junkets to the hinterlands, where for a happy interval care may be forgotten, responsibilities discarded—rest and release found in the joyous companionship of RICHARD HALLIBURTON, Prince of Pilgrims.

No wonder thousands upon thousands eagerly await each new book by this reckless, roving youth who has proved himself the gayest nomad of them all—in means another passport to adventure!

Have you been on all the trips? The tariff is only a dollar! Here are the schedules:

1. THE GLORIOUS ADVENTURE: The Mediterranean, Aegean, Greece and the land of the Ancients.

2. THE ROYAL ROAD TO ROMANCE: The distant fringes of the world.

3. NEW WORLDS TO CONQUER: That other great America that lies for the most part south of the Equator.

4. THE FLYING CARPET: A flight into the heart of inaccessible Asia.

5. SEVEN LEAGUE BOOTS: A preposterous, extravagant journey over the Alps on an elephant in the tracks of Hannibal.

From the dust jacket of The Royal Romance (Garden City Edition)
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Books in this Series

The Flying Carpet
The Glorious Adventure
New Worlds to Conquer
The Royal Road to Romance
Seven League Boots