Richard Halliburton's Book of Marvels
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This is a sequential series and is best read in order.

Readers of Richard Halliburton: His Story of His Life's Adventure will recall that it was the author's original desire and intention that his Book of Marvels be issued in one large volume. That plan not proving feasible at the time, the work was instead published in two separate books, first The Occident and then The Orient. Probably no books of travel have ever proved so popular with boys and girls—when they could manage to get them away from their elders! For indeed The Books of Marvels are books for the whole family, with their stirring account of adventures over the world amid the wonders of nature and of man's creation, and with their truly marvelous pictures.

Now Richard Halliburton's wish is at last consummated. The Occident and The Orient are combined in one volume, and the Complete Book of Marvels, by virtue of a large printing, is published at a price within the reach of all. Richard would have loved it himself and hoped that his innumerable friends, young and old, would love it too.

From the dust jacket of The Complete Book of Marvels, 1941

Have you ever wanted to visit the ancient cities of the Aztecs and the Incas? Or see the harbor of Rio de Janeiro? How about treasure hunting—would you like to search for King Solomon's legendary treasure?

You would?

Well, then! Come along with Richard Halliburton's party, and you will see and touch the marvels of the world!

You'll climb Half Dome Mountain in Yosemite National Park, U.S.A., and Popocatepetl in Mexico and Fujiyama in Japan.

You'll swim in the Dead Sea and in the fire-filled waters of the Blue Grotto.

You'll visit New York City and the tombs of the Pharaohs, Moscow and ancient Pompeii, the Rock of Gibraltar and Timbuctoo (yes, there is too a real city named Timbuctoo!)

The Complete Book of Marvels will take you to all these places and many more. And Richard Halliburton will tell you the stories and legends of each place you visit—stories of bravery and daring, love and romance, beauty and magic.

Richard Halliburton led the kind of life that everyone dreams about at one time or another. And in his adventuring he learned many wonderful, almost magical things about this world. More important—to his readers, at any rate—is the ability he had for telling all these fascinating stories and legends in such a graphic, intimate way.

This, Richard Halliburton's Complete Book of Marvels, takes an imaginary group of boys and girls on a trip of adventure—a trip so real that you see the moonlight on the Taj Mahal and smell the fragrance of flowers growing many, many years ago in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and hear the roar of Victoria Falls.

From the dust jacket of The Complete Book of Marvels (Deluxe Edition), 1960
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