Piper Books
Published by Houghton Mifflin Company
33 Total Books

PIPER BOOKS have been planned and written especially for boys and girls from nine to twelve. Careful study and analysis of children's reading abilities by the country's foremost educators insures the fact that any child who is doing fifth grade work will be able to read these books with confidence and understanding.

In the past, easy reading texts for the most part have been prepared for the lower grades, and of necessity the content and presentation has been directed to younger children. Pipers, on the other hand, appeal to twelve-year-old tastes. And yet, thought nothing has been sacrificed in content and liveliness of presentation, the vocabulary has been carefully controlled. Fourth graders will not find them discouragingly difficult and sixth graders will still find them stimulating.

Piper Books are about men and women who have made history in North America, emphasizing the childhood traits of character that led to their adult achievements. Every volume contains many drawings, most of them in two colors, by well-known illustrators. The large type and well-designed page are an invitation to reading.

From the book Dan Beard: Boy Scout Pioneer
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Books in this Series

Abigail Adams: The President's Lady
Abraham Lincoln: Man of Courage
Amelia Earhart: First Lady of the Air
Benjamin Franklin: First Great American
Christopher Columbus: Sailor and Dreamer
Dan Beard: Boy Scout Pioneer
Daniel Boone: Wilderness Trailblazer
Ethan Allen: Green Mountain Hero
Ferdinand Magellan: Noble Captain
Hans Christian Andersen: Fairy Tale Author
Harriet Tubman: Flame of Freedom
Henry Clay: Statesman and Patriot
Henry Ford: Maker of the Model T
Henry Hudson: Explorer of the North
Horace Mann: Sower of Learning
James Madison: Statesman and President
John Alden: Steadfast Pilgrim
John Hancock: Friend of Freedom
John Paul Jones: Soldier of the Sea
John Smith: Man of Adventure
John Wesley Powell: Canyon's Conqueror
Juan Ponce de Leon: First in the Land
King Philip: Loyal Indian
Kit Carson: Mountain Scout
Matthew Henson: Arctic Hero
Patrick Henry: Voice of Liberty
Paul Revere: Colonial Craftsman
Pontiac: Lion in the Forest
Robert Louis Stevenson: Storyteller and Adventurer
Sacajawea: Guide to Lewis and Clark
Sam Houston: Friend of the Indians
Thomas Jefferson: Champion of the People
Ulysses S. Grant: General and President