Mercy Watson
Published by Candlewick Press
6 Total Books

A pig. Shenanigans. Lively neighbors. Hot buttered toast. Put all these things together and you have a recipe for a witty, quick paced, humorous series of books that is sure to engage and delight beginning readers who are ready for chapter books.

While it might be easy to make a quick assumption and dismiss these books as "twaddle" without further ado, we would have to disagree and strongly encourage you to take a second look! We have found that while these books are absolutely hilarious, the writing does not fall flat and the stories are simply warm, delightful and highly engaging.

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Books in this Series

Mercy Watson Fights Crime
Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride
Mercy Watson Princess in Disguise
Mercy Watson Something Wonky This Way Comes
Mercy Watson Thinks Like a Pig
Mercy Watson to the Rescue