Lois Lenski's American Regional Series
Published by J.B. Lippincott Company
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Lois Lenski driving tractorIn the early 1940s Lenski, who suffered from periodic bouts of ill-health, was told by her doctor that she needed to spend the winter months in a warmer climate than her Connecticut home. As a result, Lenski and her husband Arthur Covey traveled south each fall. Lenski wrote in her autobiography, "On my trips south I saw the real America for the first time. I saw and learned what the word region meant as I witnessed firsthand different ways of life unlike my own. What interested me most was the way children were living".

In Journey Into Childhood, Lenski wrote that she was struck by the fact that there were "plenty of books that tell how children live in Alaska, Holland, China, and Mexico, but no books at all telling about the many ways children live here in the United States".

The positive reception that Bayou Suzette received convinced Lenski that there was indeed a need for these type of books. Her second regional, Strawberry Girl, published in 1945, received the 1946 Newbery Medal. At first Lenski wrote about the regions which were on the way of her journeys from Connecticut to Florida. But as the series became well known children began writing to Lenski asking her to visit their area and write about them. Thus the regional books were written about many states and regions in the U.S. From the Illinois State Library bibliography of Lois Lenski.

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Books in this Series

Bayou Suzette
Blue Ridge Billy
Boom Town Boy
Coal Camp Girl
Corn-Farm Boy
Cotton in My Sack
Deer Valley Girl
Flood Friday
Houseboat Girl
Judy's Journey
Mama Hattie's Girl
Prairie School
San Francisco Boy
Shoo-Fly Girl
Strawberry Girl
Texas Tomboy
To Be a Logger