Linnea's Explorations
Published by R&S Books and Raben & Sjogren
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Join city girl Linnea as she enthusiastically explores the world around her!  In these lively depictions of Linnea's learning experiences, the reader will travel to Claude Monet's garden, plant an indoor garden and learn all about the seasons as she tracks her activities year round.  Along with her friends Elliot and Archie, Linnea also delves into the kitchen, creating simple and delicious recipes while discovering how the digestive system works and learning how to eat healthfully too.  Effortlessly crossing the generation gap, Linnea and Elliot's relationships with elderly friends and neighbors emphasize the value of knowledge gained from older generations.  Through uncomplicated directions and simple illustrations, this joyous series will inspire the reader to embark on his or her own investigation of the world close at hand.

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Books in this Series

Elliot's Extraordinary Cookbook
Linnea in Monet's Garden
Linnea's Almanac
Linnea's Windowsill Garden