Landmark Giants
Published by Random House
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These handsome, carefully authenticated historical accounts deal with a variety of subjects that are highly popular with boys and girls. Consistent with the broad interests of younger readers, Landmark Giants embrace many fields—from baseball, history and World War II to studies of other peoples, other times. Their large size, 8.5" x 11", allows for a very readable type lavishly interspersed with illustrations and photographs that not only enhance but add to the informative and skillfully written texts. Only by printing large quantities are the publishers able to bring these rich, colorful books within the reach of the modest purse, whether the purchase be for home, school, or library. From The American Indian

Books in this Series

American Heroes of the 20th Century
The American Indian: Young Readers' Edition of The American Heritage Book of Indians
American Sports Heroes of Today
Americans to the Moon: The Story of the Project Apollo
The Continent We Live On: A Special Edition for Young Readers
The FBI Story: Young Reader's Edition
Great American Athletes of the 20th Century
Great American Battles
Great Moments in American Sports
The Landmark History of the American People: From Appomattox to the Moon
The Landmark History of the American People: From Plymouth to Appomattox
Life in Colonial America
Life in Lincoln's America
Life in the Ancient World
Life in the Middle Ages
Life in the Renaissance
New York: The Story of the World's Most Exciting City
Pro Football Heroes of Today
Pro Hockey Heroes of Today
The Story of Baseball: A completely illustrated and exciting history of America's national game
The Story of Football: A lavishly illustrated history of America's exciting gridiron sport
The Story of New England: From Miles Standish to John F. Kennedy
The Story of World War I
The Story of World War II
Washington D.C.: The Story of the Nation's Capital