Jafta's Family Series
Published by Evans Brothers Limited and Bell & Hyman, Publishers (London) and Hamish Hamilton Ltd.
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Most American children know little of the life of South Africans: of a child's life in South Africa, practically nothing. These stories of Jafta... of Jafta's feelings, his family and his home life, are lighted by the affection of an author born in South Africa remembering his homeland, and are as warm as their gold and brown coloring. Jafta is any little boy, sharing the universal joys and sorrows of childhood, but his are expressed in uniquely African terms. School Library Journal

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Books in this Series

Jafta—My Father
Jafta—My Mother
Jafta—The Homecoming
Jafta—The Journey
Jafta—The Town
Jafta—The Wedding