Immortals of Science
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The Science Wall of Honor at the University of Bridgeport has provided the inspiration for titling this new series of science biographies. The monument honors 25 of the most important 'Immortals of Science' by displaying their names on a new science building. These 25 men were chosen in a world-wide poll of more than 1100 qualified scientific electors.

Aimed primarily at the reader who has reached the stage in life where he is 'impatient to be grown up' and do important things himself, the Immortals of Science Biographies are both informative and inspirational. The reader is given a clear concept of the period when the particular scientist lived; his early life, education, and his quest for new facts is told in such a manner that the reader himself experiences the entire process. Sufficient is told of the subject's scientific accomplishments to provide the inquiring mind with a good knowledge of the history of science—and this alone makes the series unique. Too many biographies of scientists for young people seem more concerned with inconsequential details than in telling the all-important scientific story. Indeed, the history of science is an indispensable segment of the history of all mankind's civilization.

These biographies are recommended for school libraries and for the children's departments of public libraries. They are admirably suited for home library collections. All are well-indexed; some contain chronological summaries and glossaries of technical terms.

Hilary J. Deason, Director
Science Library Program
American Association for the Advancement of Science
From Edward Jenner and Smallpox Vaccination

Each new Immortals of Science biography stresses the contributions of a great figure in history. Each shows how those contributions improved the world of yesterday, and the importance of their impact on life today. Each is carefully written and edited to provide a clear and lasting portrait of its subject. From the dust jacket of Leonardo da Vinci: Pathfinder of Science

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Books in this Series

Albert Einstein and the Theory of Relativity
Alessandro Volta and the Electric Battery
Antoine Lavoisier and the Revolution in Chemistry
Archimedes and the Door of Science
Aristotle: Dean of Early Science
Benjamin Franklin: Man of Science
Carl Friedrich Gauss: Prince of Mathematicians
Carl Linnaeus: Pioneer of Modern Botany
Charles Darwin and Natural Selection
Copernicus: Titan of Modern Astronomy
The Curies and Radium
Edward Jenner and Smallpox Vaccination
Euclid and Geometry
Galileo and Experimental Science
Gregor Mendel and Heredity
Hippocrates: Father of Medicine
Humphry Davy and Chemical Discovery
Isaac Newton: Mastermind of Modern Science
James Clerk Maxwell and Electromagnetism
Johannes Kepler and Planetary Motion
Joseph Priestley: Pioneer Chemist
Josiah W. Gibbs: American Theoretical Physicist
Leonardo da Vinci: Pathfinder of Science
Louis Pasteur: Founder of Microbiology
Michael Faraday and the Electric Dynamo
Philippe Pinel: Unchainer of the Insane
Robert Boyle: Founder of Modern Chemistry
Robert Koch: Father of Bacteriology
Sigmund Freud
Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen and the Discovery of X rays
William Harvey: Trailblazer of Scientific Medicine
The Wright Brothers: Pioneers of Power Flight