Immortals of History
Published by Franklin Watts, Inc
38 Total Books

The Immortals of History series is part of Franklin Watt's 100 Immortals of Mankind. Here is the description from the publisher about the whole series:

Chosen by a panel of eminent persons and recommended by a board of consultants, the One Hundred Immortals represent men and women who, through the ages, have made outstanding contributions to the intellectual and cultural achievements and resources of mankind. Each Immortal—whether from the fields of the arts, history, literature, religion, science or others—is a person with whom young readers and well-informed adults should be familiar.

From the dust jacket of Goya and His Times
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Books in this Series

Abraham Lincoln
Alexander the Great: Conqueror and Creator of a New World
Benjamin Disraeli: Prime Minister Extraordinary
Bismarck and German Unification
Captain James Cook: Genius Afloat
Charlemagne: Monarch of the Middle Ages
Charles V: Holy Roman Emperor
Christopher Columbus: Navigator to the New World
Elizabeth I of England
Florence Nightingale: Founder of Modern Nursing
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: President for the People
Frederick the Great: Prussian Warrior and Statesman
Genghis Khan: Conqueror of the Medieval World
George Washington
Hannibal: Invader from Carthage
Henry VIII of England
Jawaharlal Nehru: The Brahman from Kashmir
Jean Henri Dunant: Father of the Red Cross
Joan of Arc: Maid of Orleans
Joseph Stalin
Julius Caesar: Master of Men
Justinian the Great: Roman Emperor of the East
Karl Marx: The Father of Modern Socialism
Lajos Kossuth: Hungary's Great Patriot
Lenin: Genius of Revolution
Lord Nelson
Louis XIV of France: Pattern of Majesty
Mahatma Gandhi: The Great Soul
Marco Polo: The Great Traveler
Napoleon: Man of Destiny
Peter the Great: The Reformer-Tsar
Richard the Lion-Hearted: The Crusader King
Simon Bolivar: The Liberator
Sir Christopher Wren: Renaissance Architect, Philosopher and Scientist
Thomas Jefferson: The Complete Man
Victoria: Queen and Empress
Winston Churchill: Man of the Century
Woodrow Wilson: Champion of Peace