Immortals of Engineering
Published by Franklin Watts, Inc
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The Immortals of Engineering series is part of Franklin Watt's 100 Immortals of Mankind. Here is the description from the publisher about the whole series:

Chosen by a panel of eminent persons and recommended by a board of consultants, the One Hundred Immortals represent men and women who, through the ages, have made outstanding contributions to the intellectual and cultural achievements and resources of mankind. Each Immortal—whether from the fields of the arts, history, literature, religion, science or others—is a person with whom young readers and well-informed adults should be familiar.

From the dust jacket of Goya and His Times
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Books in this Series

Eli Whitney: Founder of Modern Industry
Frank Lloyd Wright: The Rebel Architect
Imhotep: Builder in Stone
James Watt: Inventor of a Steam Engine
Samuel Morse and the Electronic Age
Thomas Edison: American Inventor