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These Holling titles, to quote the New York Herald Tribune, "offer our boys and girls a unique vision of their country, each focusing first on the wildlife Mr. Holling knows so well, but spreading wide into the works of men and the sweep of history. They make a special, intellectually valid contribution to modern children's books."

From the dust jacket of Pagoo

Few can paint so vividly as Mr. Holling, or write so well about Indians, pioneers, and men of the sea. "As yet, I haven't slid over the Niagara," says this author-artist with a smile, "but a wooden chip in Niagara's foam showed me how PADDLE did it. Having made an ox yoke as a boy, it was a simple matter (in TREE IN THE TRAIL) to have Jed hew out of the famous yoke from the 'Medicine Tree.'...

"Aged Pacific Coast Indians have told me how it feels to stand in a thin canoe and harpoon a great whale. Perhaps some of this ancient excitement has crept into SEABIRD. At least I know firsthand how Ezra and Nate felt, voyaging from the East Coast to California, the Islands, Asia, and Europe... The models of PADDLE, TREE, and SEABIRD I made now watch me while I work. There are times when it is easy for me to believe they might actually have experienced their adventures..."

From the dust jacket of Seabird
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