Glenn Blough and Jeanne Bendick Nature Books
Published by Whittlesey House: A Division of McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc.
14 Total Books

A delightfully written and beautifully illustrated series of science nature books.

High-grade material for children... I found myself absorbed throughout the reading."Robert Cushman Murphy, SC.D., Dr. Hon. Causa, Lamont Curator Emeritus of Birds, Dept. of Ornithology, The American Museum of Natural History
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Books in this Series

After the Sun Goes Down: The Story of Animals at Night
Bird Watchers and Bird Feeders
Christmas Trees and How They Grow
Discovering Cycles
Discovering Insects
Discovering Plants
Lookout for the Forest: A Conservation Story
Not Only For Ducks: The Story of Rain
Soon After September: The Story of Living Things in Winter
The Tree on the Road to Turntown
Wait For The Sunshine: The Story of Seasons and Growing Things
Who Lives at the Seashore?
Who Lives in this House: A Story of Animal Families
Who Lives in this Meadow?