Garrard's Discovery Biographies

Garrard's Discovery Biographies
Published by Garrard Publishing Company
72 Total Books

Edited by Mary C. Austin

Easy-to-Read / Fun-to-Learn

Discovery Books are the first set of adventurous, historical stories about famous people written for children in the primary grades. An initial introduction is all it takes—then children will chart their own reading with Discovery Books! These fast-moving, authentic stories have been authored by well-known writers of juvenile books and edited under the supervision of an outstanding reading specialist and educator.

Purpose: The aim of Discovery Series is to give children educational, informative books they can enjoy reading to themselves.

Reading Level: Discovery Books have been tested by the Spache Readability Formula and edited so they can be read by children in grades 2-4 and enjoyed by young readers through the elementary grades.

Attractive Format: Each book has more than twenty full-page illustrations in three colors. Young readers are familiar with the selected type size and length of line.

Educationally Sound: These books are edited and prepared under the educational supervision of Mary C. Austin, Ed. D., Reading Specialist and Lecturer on Education, Harvard University. All facts are authentic for they have been carefully checked by leading sources for historical accuracy.

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Books in this Series

Abigail Adams: Dear Partner
Abraham Lincoln: For the People
Alexander Graham Bell: Man of Sound
Amelia Earhart: Pioneer in the Sky
Andrew Jackson: Pioneer and President
Annie Oakley: The Shooting Star
Benjamin Franklin: Man of Ideas
Booker T. Washington: Leader of His People
Buffalo Bill: Wild West Showman
Charles Lindbergh: Hero Pilot
Clara Barton: Soldier of Mercy
Daniel Boone: Taming the Wilds
David Glasgow Farragut: Our First Admiral
Davy Crockett: Hero of the Wild Frontier
Dolly Madison: Famous First Lady
Dorothea L. Dix: Hospital Founder
Eleanor Roosevelt: First Lady of the World
Eli Whitney: Great Inventor
Elizabeth Blackwell: Pioneer Woman Doctor
Ernest Thompson Seton: Scout and Naturalist
Florence Nightingale: War Nurse
Francis Marion: Swamp Fox of the Carolinas
Francis Scott Key: Poet and Patriot
Franklin D. Roosevelt: Four Times President
Frederick Douglass: Freedom Fighter
George Rogers Clark: Frontier Fighter
George W. Goethals: Panama Canal Engineer
George Washington Carver: Negro Scientist
George Washington: Father of Freedom
Harry S. Truman: People's President
Helen Keller: Toward the Light
Henry Clay: Leader in Congress
Henry Hudson: Captain of Ice-Bound Seas
Jane Addams: Pioneer of Hull House
Jed Smith: Trailblazer and Trapper
Jim Beckwourth: Black Trapper and Indian Chief
Jim Bridger: Man of the Mountains
John F. Kennedy: New Frontiersman
John James Audubon: Bird Artist
John Muir: Friend of Nature
John Paul Jones: Sailor Hero
Kit Carson: Pathfinder of the West
Lafayette: French-American Hero
Leif the Lucky: Discoverer of America
Liliuokalani: Queen of Hawaii
Linda Richards: First American Trained Nurse
Lucretia Mott: Foe of Slavery
Luther Burbank: Partner of Nature
Marcus and Narcissa Whitman: Oregon Pioneers
Maria Mitchell: Stargazer
Martha Washington: First Lady of the Land
Mary McLeod Bethune: Teacher with a Dream
Mary Todd Lincoln: President's Wife
P. T. Barnum: King of the Circus
Paul Revere: Rider for Liberty
Rachel Carson: Who Loved the Sea
Richard E. Byrd: Adventurer to the Poles
The Ringling Brothers: Circus Family
Robert E. Lee: Hero of the South
Robert E. Peary: North Pole Conqueror
Robert Fulton: Steamboat Builder
Robert H. Goddard: Space Pioneer
Sam Houston: Hero of Texas
Samuel F. B. Morse: Artist-Inventor
Stephen Decatur: Fighting Sailor
Tad Lincoln: Abe's Son
Theodore Roosevelt: Man of Action
Thomas Alva Edison: Miracle Maker
Thomas Jefferson: Author of Independence
Ulysses S. Grant: Horseman and Fighter
William Penn: Friend to All
The Wright Brothers: Kings of the Air