Cowboy of Many Races
Published by Benefic Press
7 Total Books

These are a series of early readers similar to Jim Forest.  The reading level becomes more difficult with each book. We have seen these ordered in two different ways (info taken from the inside of the books):

  1. Adam Bradford, Cowboy
  2. Cowboy without a Horse
  3. Cowboy on the Mountain
  4. Cowboy on the Trail


  1. Cowboy without a Horse
  2. Cowboy on the Mountain
  3. Cowboy Matt and Belleza
  4. Adam Bradford, Cowboy
  5. Cowboy on the Trail
  6. Cowboy Soldier
  7. Cowboy Marshall

These are all beautifully illustrated, and the main character in each book is African-American.

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Books in this Series

Adam Bradford, Cowboy
Cowboy Marshal
Cowboy Matt and Belleza
Cowboy on the Mountain
Cowboy on the Trail
Cowboy Soldier
Cowboy without a Horse