Christmas Around The World
Published by Wilcox and Follett Company
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The Christmas Around the World series introduces juvenile readers to other children preparing for Christmas in Norway, Ireland, France, Sweden, The Netherlands and Switzerland.  Through Alta Seymour Halverson's extensive travel and research, she transports the reader to the cold, snowy trails in Switzerland, the sights and sounds of the Irish countryside, the canals and cheese markets near Amsterdam, the forested coasts of Sweden, the tempting aromas wafting from the bakehouses of Norway,  and the quiet, warm, sun-kissed hills of France.
However, her books are so much more than simply a travelogue. Each story features characters with real problems—and how they learn, grow and mature in the process of solving them.  Whether it’s a teasing older brother, a kid who needs to earn some extra money, facing up to the problem of losing someone else’s treasured possession or trying to win over a grumpy adult—every story has timeless themes that can be applied to any child's current situation. As readers travel along with the author, they will find themselves thoroughly engrossed in the engaging storylines and ready to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas with their own families. 
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Books in this Series

Arne and The Christmas Star
The Christmas Donkey
The Christmas Stove: A Story of Switzerland
Erik's Christmas Camera
Kaatje and the Christmas Compass
The Top o' Christmas Morning