Buildings Built to Last by David Macaulay
Published by Houghton Mifflin Company
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A nomad fashions a home that's meant to be built and rebuilt.  A family tears down an old house and erects a new one in its place.  Even the Eiffel Tower wasn't meant to be anything more than temporary.  As humans, we don't always build things to endure the test of time.  

This series, written and illustrated by award-winning author and artist David Macaulay highlights his creative, exacting thinking about buildings and designs that were crafted with a strength of structure and purpose that defy the everyday.

Just as the buildings themselves were created to last, our interest in the structures themselves, the people who created them, and the purposes for which they were made endures as well.  These impeccably researched volumes—necessary additions to the bookshelf of anyone interested in architecture—celebrates this spirit of endurance and serves as a reminder that building well and leaving something of consequence behind, whether a building, a design, or an idea, is still of the utmost importance.

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Cathedral: The Story of Its Construction