Arthurian Tales retold by Constance Hieatt
Published by Thomas Y. Crowell Company
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Drawn primarily from the writings of the 12th century poet, Chretien de Troyes, along with other ancient manuscripts including medieval bestiaries and tales translated by a writer from the court of King Haakon of Norway, medieval scholar Constance Hieatt retells many old tales from Camelot. The Sword and the Grail, The Minstrel Knight, The Knight of the Cart and the others highlight familiar characters but with new insights and less familiar subplots. 

In The Castle of the Ladies, the author shapes a story from scant details gleaned from Mallory's Morte d'Arthur and Spenser's Faerie Queene along with other industrious research to produce quite a tale indeed.  She states, "These and other ingredients should be familiar to fellow devotees of Arthurian literature, but the brew is my own."

As The New York Times wrote of one book, "Mrs. Hieatt has captured much magic here, and with a magic of her own has made a once-upon-a-time world come glowingly alive."

With seven different illustrators, each one interprets Mrs. Hieatt's writing differently resulting in a lovely kaleidoscope of storytelling in and of itself as each artist uses varying techniques to tell the stories.  

With the author's fabulous storytelling ability along with the striking illustrations, the reader will immediately be drawn into that once upon a time world and be lost along with Sir Lancelot and King Arthur in the land of Camelot.

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