Anno's Journey Series
Published by Philomel Books and Beautiful Feet Books and William Collins Publishers, Inc.
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Mitsumasa Anno, winner of the Hans Christian Andersen Award for his lasting contribution to children's literature, is a lover of travel and culture. Anno's books, through their unique perspective and mischievous sense of humor, have opened to children across the world, cultures and lands distant from their own. Without words Anno conveys the beauty, humanity, and value of all people in all times and places. As he notes, "There are differences in people, different styles of housing, social differences, different cultures all over the world. But perhaps what lies at the bottom of the heart of each human being is the same, an inherent value." From Beautiful Feet Books

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Books in this Series

Anno's Britain
Anno's China
Anno's Denmark
Anno's Italy
Anno's Journey
Anno's Spain
Anno's U.S.A.