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The story of the creation of this series taken from the dust jacket of  America's Paul Revere:

The inspiration for AMERICA'S PAUL REVERE occurred to Lynd Ward one day while reading the Pulitzer prize-winning biography, PAUL REVERE AND THE WORLD HE LIVED IN, by Ester Forbes. Mr. Ward began to wonder if there could not be books for younger children that would, through words and pictures, create for them a sense of the reality of American history and the lives of the men who have helped to make this country great.

As he thought about Paul Revere's life, illustrations for such a book grew in his mind, and he finally decided to approach the publishers of PAUL REVERE AND THE WORLD HE LIVED IN with his plan for a children's picture book. His idea was enthusiastically received, but it took many months before the book could be written, the illustrations drawn, and it could be made into a completely integrated piece of work.

The result, AMERICA'S PAUL REVERE, will be read and enjoyed, not only by the present generation of children, but by children for many years to come.

Lynd ward would go on to illustrate the other four books in this series, finishing the last two with his wife and author May McNeer.

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