American Military History Series (The Story of the War)
Published by Duell, Sloan and Pearce
9 Total Books

This series was written by Colonel Red Reeder, a graduate of West Point and veteran of World War II who was awarded fourteen medals including two French decorations. Reeder wrote extensively for the Army covering a number of military topics, and also wrote numerous books for youth. For this particular series, Colonel Reeder traces the causes, major and minor players, course, climax, and outcome of each war.

I (Tanya) read The Story of the Mexican War, and was fascinated by all of the details and nuances that the author shared concerning this particular war—it was amazing to be able to connect all of the pieces and players from beginning to end. This was a war in American history that I actually knew very little about, and this single book was a huge wealth of information. 

Each book contains a Bibliography and Index.

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Books in this Series

The Northern Generals
The Southern Generals
The Story of the Civil War
The Story of the First World War
The Story of the Mexican War
The Story of the Revolutionary War
The Story of the Second World War: The Axis Strikes (1939-1942)
The Story of the Spanish-American War
The Story of the War of 1812