We Remember: Books to Read with Your Family on 9/11

Few events ever take place in a lifetime where nearly every person remembers exactly where they were, what they were doing, and who they were with when IT happened. The terrorist attack of September 11th, 2001 is one such event. Collectively our eyes and ears were riveted to TV screens and radios as we watched and listened to previously unimagined horror on American soil.

We honor that day with a list of books remembering September 11th. The themes of heroism, remembrance, kindness, hope and resilience are all featured in this carefully curated list. 

Through these shared stories we join you and your family as we all look back on that heartbreaking day and we remember.

14 Cows for America
30,000 Stitches
America is Under Attack: September 11, 2001, The Day the Towers Fell
Branches of Hope: The 9/11 Survivor Tree
Fireboat: The Heroic Adventures of the John J. Harvey
The Man Who Walked Between the Towers
Saved By The Boats: The Heroic Sea Evacuation of September 11
September Roses
This Very Tree: A Story of 9/11, Resilience, and Regrowth

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We Remember: Books to Read with Your Family on 9/11