Junior Literary Guild

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Established in 1929, the Junior Literary Guild was created as an extension of the Literary Guild,  an adult book club established in 1927. The Junior Literary Guild selected and reprinted outstanding literature for children. By the 1950's the major purchaser of these editions was libraries. The Junior Literary Guild transitioned to the Junior Library Guild in 1988.

The books were originally designated into five different groups. These groups were:

  • Group P: For Boys and Girls age 5-6 years old
  • Group E: For Boys and Girls age 7-8 years old
  • Group A: For Boys and Girls age 9-11 years old
  • Group B: For Girls age 12-16 years old
  • Group C: For Boys age 12-16 years old

Author, Helen Ferris, served as the editor-in-chief of The Junior Literary Guild from 1929 to 1959. Her good friend, Eleanor Roosevelt, served on the board from 1929 to 1962.

Note: This is not a complete list of Junior Literary Guild titles. However, as we add books that were published by The Junior Literary Guild they will appear on the list below. 

A Book to Begin on Hawaii
A Child's Story of the World
A Day on Skates: The Story of a Dutch Picnic
Abraham Lincoln
All Sail Set: A Romance of the Flying Cloud
Assorted Sisters
Behold Your Queen
The Bright Design: Electrical Energy and The Men Who Have Traced Its Pattern
The Chestry Oak
The Conquest of the Atlantic
The Courage of Dr. Lister
Cynthia of Bee Tree Hollow
Dancing Star: The Story of Anna Pavlova
Danny Boy: The Picture Pony
Dawn Boy of the Pueblos
The Doctor Who Dared: William Osler
The Dog Cantbark
The Duchess Bakes a Cake
East of the Sun and West of the Moon: Twenty-One Norwegian Folktales
Elf Owl
Favorite Poems Old and New
The First Lake Dwellers
First Woman Ambulance Surgeon: Emily Barringer
Florence Nightingale
The Garden Under the Sea
Gay Madelon
Gentleman, Hush!
The Golden Flash
Golden Gate
Griselda's New Year
Happy Little Family
He Heard America Sing: The Story of Stephen Foster
Henry Explores the Mountains
Heroes of Annapolis
Heroic Nurses
Honey of the Nile
Hunter's Stew and Hangtown Fry: What Pioneer America Ate and Why
Iron Chancellor: Otto von Bismarck
The Island on the Border: A Civil War Story
Jerry at the Academy
Latin American Tales: From the Pampas to the Pyramids of Mexico
The Lees of Arlington
The Lion's Paw
The Lost Kingdom
The Many Worlds of Herbert Hoover
Marie Antoinette: Daughter of an Empress
Mary Mapes Dodge of St. Nicholas
Master Detective: Allan Pinkerton
Mischief in Fez
Mr. Apple's Family
New Found World
Nurse Around the World: Alice Fitzgerald
One Morning in Maine
Outlaw Red: Son of Big Red
Physician to the Children: Dr. Bela Schick
Pioneer Art in America
Printer's Devil to Publisher: Adolph S. Ochs of The New York Times
Raymond L. Ditmars: His Exciting Career with Reptiles, Animals and Insects
Red Coats and Blue: A Story of a British Girl in the American Revolution
Red Horse Hill
Red Pawns
Road to Down Under
Schoolhouse in the Woods
The Secret of the Sachem's Tree
Seven Beaver Skins: A Story of the Dutch in New Amsterdam
The Shy Stegosaurus of Cricket Creek
Sign of the Golden Fish: A Story of the Cornish Fishermen in Maine
Son of the Smoky Sea
Stranger No More
Tales from the Crescent Moon
The Tangled Skein
They Came From Dalmatia: Petar's Treasure
They Came From France: Pierre's Lucky Pouch
Three Strong Women: A Tall Tale from Japan
Time of the Tomahawk
Tops and Whistles: True Stories of Early American Toys and Children
Toward One World: The Life of  Wendell Willkie
Tree Wagon
Up and Down the River
Walter Reed: Doctor in Uniform
Waterless Mountain
Why We Live Where We Live
William Howard Taft: The President Who Became Chief Justice
The Wind
Winged Moccasins: The Story of Sacajawea
Your Teens and Mine