Wings in the Woods

Wings in the Woods

By: Robert M. McClung
Published by: William Morrow & Company
Publication Date: 1948

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It all began when Dan found the beautiful pale-green winged creature that turned out to be a luna moth. The hunt for butterflies and moths was on. Uncle Bill was helpful in giving their names and showing how and where to find them. He and Hildy, Dan's little sister, who couldn't bear to see them beat their wings against a cage, had the idea for the big outdoor screened enclosure that housed the collection.

A keen-eyed ten-year-old boy has no dull moments in the country. Dan's longing for "a different kind of pet—a something wild, to tame" got him into a peck of trouble, but nothing could dim his eager interest in all living things. And always the butterfly and moth collection grew and flourished.

This is the vigorous story of a very real boy; it is also a revelation of his spirit—and a re-creation of the country, fresh as the breath of morning.

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