Wing & Claw: Beast of Stone

Wing & Claw: Beast of Stone

By: Linda Sue Park Information you may want to know about this author Complete Authored Works
Published by: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication Date: 2018
Series: Wing & Claw
Series Number: 3

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Raffa Santana is a healer, not a fighter. As a gifted apothecary, he has amazing instincts for unleashing the potential of seemingly magical plants. But his skills have failed to free the animals that the heartless Chancellor has captured and turned against the people of Obsidia—directly threatening Raffa's friends and family.

Now, Raffa and his ragtag group of allies are preparing to confront the Chancellor's armies in battle. Great beasts, small animals, and humans alike will be joining the fight, and Raffa yearns to prevent injuries—and worse—on both sides of the battle. After all, the Chancellor's creatures will be fighting against their will. Can Raffa's instincts for apothecary arts bring a tolerable resolution to an impossibly unfair fight?

In this third and final installment in the enchanting Wing & Claw trilogy, Newbery Medal-winning author Linda Sue Park masterfully explores the power that comes from standing up for what is right.

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