Wild Canary

Wild Canary

By: C.K. (Charles Kenneth) Thompson
Published by: Dymock's Book Arcade
Publication Date: 1956
Series: C.K. Thompson Australian Nature Stories


Can an ordinary, commonplace canary, born and bred in a cage like his ancestors for hundreds of years before him, survive the many perils of the bush-land?

Freed from captivity during a disastrous flood, join Boofie as he fights for existence in competition with the hardy bush creatures.

Mr. Thompson has a sound knowledge of our native birds and animals, and he is also, personally, an enthusiastic canary breeder. He now matches one against the other in a series of adventures that “could have happened” in this story of the bush that is a novel as it is daring.

From the reprint by Living Book Press

Wild Canary Reprint

Wild Canary    
Reprinted in 2017 by Living Book Press
Available formats: Paperback, Ebook
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