By: Robert M. McClung
Published by: William Morrow & Company
Publication Date: 1987

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A white-tailed deer is born in the mountains of Pennsylvania. Weighing six pounds, Star is nearly helpless. At first he is nurtured and trained by his mother. Later he learns to survive on his own, growing healthy and strong during the bountiful summer months and withstanding the starvation time of deepest winter.

After seven years, Star is magnificently antlered, 400-pound buck. But now he is confronted with a new, man-made peril that requires all his innate intelligence and cunning to outwit.

Whitetails are America's most popular and abundant big-game animals. This thought-provoking life-cycle story, with its dramatic illustrations, introduces young readers to the pros and cons of hunting and raises questions that will arouse the attention and concern of nature lovers everywhere.

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