When the Dikes Broke

When the Dikes Broke

By: Alta Halverson Seymour Complete Authored Works
Published by: Follett Publishing Company
Publication Date: 1958

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The wind was screaming around their house, banging at the shutters, threatening the roof, when the Van Rossem family went to bed. But they were not alarmed: they were accustomed to winds, and the house was strong and solid. The dikes that held back the sea were strong too.

But in the night young Dirk Van Rossem woke to the sound of sirens shrieking and church bells clanging. And there was an even more frightening sound—water splashing right inside the house.

Dirk and his brother Klaas woke the rest of the family. There was barely enough time to escape to the attic as the water surged up toward the rooftop.

That was the beginning of a night of terror, and dreadful days followed. People were swept off their roofs an clung to boards in hopes of being rescued; mothers used washtubs as boats to save their children. And all through it, men worked desperately at the dikes to prevent further disaster.

When the Dikes Broke is a thrilling story of the great flood that swept over Holland on January 31, 1953—the worst flood Holland had suffered since 1421—and of the heroism of the Dutch people in their agelong battle with the sea and their courage in reclaiming their homes and farms when the flood was overcome.

Ages 10-14

From the dust jacket

When the Dikes Broke Reprint

When the Dikes Broke        
Reprinted in 2019 by The Good and The Beautiful
Reprint illustrated by Fred Irving
Reprint Cover Art by Tanya Glebova
Available formats: Paperback
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This unabridged version has updated grammar and spelling.

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