By: Anne Molloy
Foreword by: Anne Molloy
Published by: Hastings House, Publishers
Publication Date: 1977

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WHAT IS WAMPUM? Is it the coin of trade that robbed the Indians of their lands? Is it money used by settlers to pay for a bit of rum or tuition at Harvard? Is it atonement for blood spilled among brothers? Or is it the sacred tribal record of peace made, and war declared?

It is all of these things and more, as you will find in this astonishing history by the author of Five Kidnapped Indians and The Years Before the Mayflower. Anne Molloy's years of research reveal the true significance of wampum as it was used well into the mid-nineteenth century and its importance for many Indians today. She also gives the reader a fresh look at some little-known events in the lives of well-known leaders of the period, including Tecumseh, Pontiac, William Penn and George Washington. The many illustrations add to an understanding of Indian art and the intricacies of the culture that produced wampum.

The first book on this fascinating subject.

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