Vet in a Spin

Vet in a Spin

By: James Herriot
Published by: Michael Joseph Ltd. (London)
Publication Date: 1977
Series: James Herriot's Veterinarian Memoirs and Stories
Series Number: 6

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Young James Herriot, animal doctor and trainee pilot, flies into rough weather in his quest for wings and finally spins helplessly to earth and back to his old life as a country vet. On the way he finds that the disappointments, triumphs and frustrations of his RAF career remind him repeatedly of the ups and downs of veterinary practice. His mind ranges constantly over his past experiences bringing to the reader a host of new characters, animal and human. Roddy Travers, the tranquil wanderer carrying all his worldly possessions including a larger lurcher dog in a pram over the high country roads of Yorkshire; Gertrude the unmaternal sow whose attitude to her family caused so much worry and embarrassment; Oscar the gregarious cat who threw himself wholeheartedly into the social life of the town; Judy, the sheepdog and devoted nurse to the other livestock on the farm; Ned Finch, the downtrodden little farm worker who yearned for the bright lights and found them in an unexpected direction. Here again are the familiar figures of James Herriot's colourful colleagues, Siegfried his boss and later partner and Tristan the light-hearted veterinary student who resolutely does his own thing and usually lands in trouble. Helen, too, Herriot's young wife, drifts into the stories as she did so often into her husband's mind during their wartime separation.

This book touches on the flying training which Herriot delighted in, but it is less about the war than about the people and animals of his beloved Yorkshire Dales. The wild beauty of the countryside and the wonderfully varied life of the veterinary surgeon are pictured here. James Herriot is gifted with total recall, and his stories reflect the laughter, sanity and constant compassion which he brings to his chosen way of life.

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All Things Wise and Wonderful Reprint

All Things Wise and Wonderful        
Reprinted in 1976 by St. Martin's Press
Available formats: Hardcover
Series: James Herriot's All Creatures Great and Small Members Only
Series Number: 3
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First American edition. This book incorporates Vets Might Fly and Vet in a Spin.

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