Up and Down the River

Up and Down the River

By: Rebecca Caudill
Published by: The John C. Winston Company
Publication Date: 1951
Series: Fairchild Family Series
Series Number: 3
List: Junior Literary Guild

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"I do wish we could find some way to get rich," exclaims Bonnie as her summer vacation begins. "Rich" in Kentucky hills of forty years ago meant having one dollar. And what better way to get rich, decided the Fairchild sisters, than to sell the "sensational new bluing" and "pictures every home will want" advertised in one of Mother's magazines.

Two merrier peddlers than Bonnie and her older sister, Debbie, have never walked through a front door! They go about their jobs with a gusto that neither neighbors nor readers can resist. But instead of a dollar, vacation's last day finds them with a yardful of pets.

How they corralled the orphaned lamb, Dirtyknees; one lone duckling; a pair of bantam chickens; and three kittens, all named Hatty, makes a delightful tale of a country summer. Youngsters will love to read or listen to it.

With Up and Down the River, Rebecca Caudill completes her trilogy of stories recalling her own childhood in the Kentucky mountains. Some of Miss Caudill's earliest memories form the basis for this and two other Bonnie stories: Happy Little Family and Schoolhouse in the Woods.

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Up and Down the River Reprint

Up and Down the River        
Reprinted in 2004 by Bethlehem Books
Available formats: Paperback, Ebook
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