Understood Betsy

Understood Betsy

By: Dorothy Canfield Fisher
Published by: The Century Co.
Publication Date: 1916
List: Heartwarming Stories to Read Aloud, Not to Miss Read Alouds for Children Ages 7-9

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For all of her nine years, fragile Elizabeth Ann has heard her Aunt Frances refer in whispers to "those horrid Putney cousins". But when her aunt aunt can no longer care for her, Elizabeth Ann is forced to leave a sheltered life to live in the wilds of Vermont with distant relatives.

In the beginning, Elizabeth Ann is shocked by country living—pets are allowed to sleep in the house and children are expected to do chores! But with country living comes independence and responsibility, and in time Elizabeth Ann finds herself making friends and enjoying the company of her newfound family. When the year is up and Aunt Frances comes to get her niece, she discovers a healthier, prouder girl with a new name—Betsy—and a new outlook on life.

Understood Betsy has delighted generations of young readers since it was first published by Henry Holt and Company in 1917. 

From the dust jacket of the 1999 edition

Understood Betsy Reprint

Understood Betsy
Reprinted in 2019 by Living Book Press
Available formats: Paperback
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Understood Betsy Reprint

Understood Betsy
Reprinted in 2020 by The Good and The Beautiful
Reprint illustrated by Ecaterina Leascenco, Ada C. Williamson
Reprint Cover Art by Embla Granqvist, Christine Chisholm
Available formats: Hardcover
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This unabridged version has updated grammar and spelling, and any instances of taking God's name in vain have been removed.

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