Under a Changing Moon

Under a Changing Moon

By: Margot Benary-Isbert
Published by: Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc
Publication Date: 1964

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For seventeen-year-old Paula, the year 1866 was a momentous one. Just returned to her home in Germany after spending two years in a French convent school, she found it difficult to fit into the ways of a large, busy household after the ordered life of the convent. Five brothers, all younger than herself, kept things in an uproar; Mother tried to teach her to become a proficient housekeeper; and because her father was the judge and administrator of the district, she frequently helped him with his letter-writing. Gently Paula was often discouraged and longed to return to the quiet and peace of the convent. But only to Adolf, the middle brother and always her special friend, could she voice her doubts.

Through the slowly turning seasons of the year, however, Paula gradually enters into the responsibilities, activities, and pleasures of the world around her, and, in time, she discovers that marriage, not the convent, is to be her life.

Mrs. Benary, noted for The Ark, Castle on the Border, A Time to Love, and other exceptionally fine novels for young adults, re-creates a period, place and people with such richness, depth, and reality that the reader comes to know them intimately.

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Under a Changing Moon Reprint

Under a Changing Moon        
Reprinted in 1998 by Bethlehem Books
Available formats: Paperback, Ebook
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The paperback edition is out of print, and only the e-book is available at Bethlehem Books.

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