Tiger Cat

Tiger Cat

By: C.K. (Charles Kenneth) Thompson
Published by: Dymock's Book Arcade
Publication Date: 1952
Series: C.K. Thompson Australian Nature Stories


Dasyure, the tiger cat, was a handsome youngster: brown body and tail spotted over in white, he lived quietly with his mother and sister in a secluded hollow log.

This is the story of the young tiger cat's coming-of-age: of his first groping steps towards manhood after his mother's death, and how he learned to fend for himself in an unkind, uncaring world.

Like many human beings, Dasyure was a shy fellow. In his habits he resembled a burglar, coming out to work only when night closed over the bush.

However, unlike the burgler, he was both brave and bold; would take on a creature whom he had no chance of beating, so pugnacious was his nature. In the story, Dasyure is both hero and villain, but as the author says: "You must have a kindly feeling towards him as a fellow-Australian. Tiger Cats, Native Cats and the rest of the Dasyuridae family do a great deal of useful work in keeping down vermin, from mice to rabbits.

"And, like every good Australian, Dasyure is entitled to a "fair go"—as is every one of the very wonderful and useful native animals and birds in this great land of ours."

From the dust jacket

Cover painting by Angus Macgregor


Tiger Cat Reprint

Tiger Cat        
Reprinted in 2018 by Living Book Press
Available formats: Paperback, Ebook
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