Three-Part Island: A Maine Mystery

Three-Part Island: A Maine Mystery

By: Anne Molloy
Published by: Hastings House, Publishers
Publication Date: 1960

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On an island off the Maine coast was a deserted Coast Guard station. Spruce trees had grown up almost to its door and the tall observation post looked out over nothing but neglected woods, piles of slash left long ago by lumbermen, and beyond that miles of open water.

The three young Kingsleys were eager to see the family's island, which was bought sight unseen, and the Coast Guard station that was to be their home for the summer. Even so, they secretly worried how they would pass the time in this deserted (so they thought) and unwelcoming place.

Although their father refused to join their activities, he did have a plan up his sleeve for them, and the island itself had surprises for everyone. They began almost as soon as the lobster boat brought them across the bay.

This is the start of another satisfying story by Anne Molloy, full of action from beginning to end, and filled with the sound and smell of Maine and its wonderful people.

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