This is Texas

This is Texas

By: Miroslav Sasek
Published by: Macmillan Publishing Company
Publication Date: 1967
Series: This Is... by M. Sasek Series

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Texas, home state of President Lyndon B. Johnson, is also famed for its cattle, Cadillacs, coyotes and cowboys, oil wells and millionaires, Spanish missions and State Fairs, rodeos and rattlesnakes.  Everything in the biggest state is bigger than anywhere else.  If you don't believe it, just ask any Texan, who will tell you taller tales tan anyone else.

M. Sasek in Texas, spins his true tale with wit and wonder as he wanders through Dallas, where bank deposits total $4,000,000,000; Austin, the state capital, with a Capitol higher than Washington, D.C.; Houston, home of only 1,900 millionaires and the Astrodome, world's first air-conditioned sports stadium; from the manned Spacecraft Center, where all U.S. space missions are directed, to the Alamo, another historic site; and out into the fabled wide-open spaces, dotted with oil derricks and a quarter of a million farms and ranches including the King Ranch, 2,000 times larger than the principality of Monaco! 

Riding high in the saddle, M. Sasek lassos all the color and colossal span of Texas as he tours the fabulous state from end to end.  A country in itself and a land apart— This is Texas!

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This is Texas Reprint

This is Texas        
Reprinted in 2006 by Universe Publishing
Available formats: Hardcover
Series: M. Sasek's This is the World (Reprints) Members Only
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 This reprint contains updated geographical and cultural facts that are noted at the end of the book.

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