This is Hong Kong

This is Hong Kong

By: Miroslav Sasek
Published by: Macmillan Publishing Company
Publication Date: 1965
Series: This Is... by M. Sasek Series

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According to an old Chinese proverb "that which enters the eye will never leave the heart." 

So it is with Hong Kong.  Ask anyone who has been there—or page through this beautiful book and see for yourself. M. Sasek's paintings of Hong Kong are unforgettable.  They capture the enchantment, the Oriental splendour, the contrasts of Hong Kong today.  Roaring jets bring the tourists; bamboo rickshaws taxi then through exotic streets fragrant with incense, roasting chestnuts, and filled with tempting sights, delicate jewelry of jade and ivory, shimmering silks and rich brocades and pretty Chinese girls wearing them.

Sasek shows you the sweeping panorama of gleaming Kowloon Bay framed by misty mountain ridges, then moves in for close-ups of coolies and hawkers, refugees from the mainland and sailors of flame red junks, and the strange "water people" who, it is said, never set foot on dry land.

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This is Hong Kong Reprint

This is Hong Kong        
Reprinted in 2007 by Universe Publishing
Available formats: Hardcover
Series: M. Sasek's This is the World (Reprints) Members Only
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This reprint contains updated geographical and cultural facts that are noted at the end of the book.

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