This is Cape Canaveral

This is Cape Canaveral

By: Miroslav Sasek
Published by: Macmillan Publishing Company
Publication Date: 1963
Series: This Is... by M. Sasek Series

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Welcome to the space capital of the world! The effective speed limit is 17,400 m.p.h., but on the beach a few miles away vacationers slow down to a leisurely crawl. 

M. Sasek orbits around missileland, capturing in sky-bright brilliance and fascinating captions the amazing panorama of this science-fiction-turned-fact spot on the Florida coast...the vital statistics on all the different rockets, the 37-pound first astronaut, Mr. Ham, and the somewhat heavier second one named Alan Shepard...what happens on a Project Mercury big launch day, the electonic brains and the human ones that put our man up and bring him down again...the whole picture falls into focus with refreshing clarity! There's lots of down-to-earth fun, too—the "birdwatchers" at Cocoa Beach, junior spacemen devouring chocolate spacecrafts, bizarre motels which feature earthly space to let at the Gateway to the Moon. 

This is Cape Canaveral!

From the dust jacket

This is the Way to the Moon Reprint

This is the Way to the Moon        
Reprinted in 2009 by Universe Publishing
Reprint illustrated by Miroslav Sasek, Jessie Hartland
Reprint Cover Art by Miroslav Sasek
Available formats: Hardcover
Series: M. Sasek's This is the World (Reprints) Members Only
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The cover, page 3, and page 5 type and illustrations on page 61-64 are by Jessie Hartland.  This reprint also contains updated facts about the moon and space travel that are noted at the end of the book.

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