This Dear-Bought Land

This Dear-Bought Land

By: Jean Lee Latham Complete Authored Works
Published by: Harper and Brothers
Publication Date: 1957

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This Dear-Bought Land is an exciting story of growth—of a boy and a colony, and of the enormous role in the development of each which was played by John Smith.

The story begins in 1606 when the English, after a long history of failures, plan one more attempt to colonize America. Young David Warren, descendant of a long line of blustering sea dogs, is determined to sail to Virginia. His plan is opposed by John Smith, who maintains that the journey is not one for women and children. David fiercely resents Smith's decision, and vows that if he can not sail to Virginia as a gentleman he will join the crew and sail before the mast.

The long voyage to America is filled with hardship and trouble. But this is a mere foreshadowing of what is to come when the settlers reach Virginia. Dissension, danger of Indian attack, hunger, fear, impossible living conditions—all these are a constant threat to the men of Jamestown. Time and again the colony is saved by one man—John Smith.

David Warren finds that it is impossible to bear resentment against the brave and wily captain. Reluctantly at first, the boy's respect and admiration for Smith grow and strengthen, and during the process the weakling boy becomes a man.

Jean Lee Latham portrays with vivid detail the many factors which fused to make up the first permanent settlement in America.

Jacob Landau's pictures bring this dramatic period to life, and are a sincere portrayal of this most vital chapter in American history.

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