The Wicked Enchantment

The Wicked Enchantment

By: Margot Benary-Isbert
Published by: Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc
Publication Date: 1955

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Life in the old cathedral town of Vogelsang had gone on peacefully for many years, and life for Anemone and her father had always been a happy one. But strange and disturbing things began to happen. One of the cathedral statues of a foolish virgin disappeared, and also the figure of the gargoyle that spouted above it. The mayor dismissed three of the town's most respected councilors, blaming them for the disappearance. And Anemone, with her dog Winnie, ran away from home—driven to it by the mean housekeeper and her horrid son who had made her life miserable for Anemone ever since Father befriended them and took them in.

Even Aunt Gundula, a remarkable person who had been Anemone's mother's dearest friend and with whom Anemone took refuge, couldn't—at first— understand why things in the town were at such sixes and sevens. It was unheard of that the songbirds which had always been welcomed back by the townspeople each spring were now being caught in nets by the Mayor and his friends, and that the Mayor had actually forbidden the sale of Easter eggs. This was more than Gundula, who each year painted the most beautiful eggs for miles around, could stand. Slowly, as Easter and the night of the full moon drew near, Gundula, with the help of her cat, her pet mouse, her parrot—and of course Anemone—discovered what was at the root of all the trouble. The housekeeper and her son were revealed in their true colors, the statue and the garoyle returned, evil was banished from Vogelsang, and Anemone and her father were happily reunited.

With subtle humor, skillful characterization, and mounting suspense, Mrs. Benary tells an unforgettable story of the present day interwoven with an ancient legend of a wicked tyrant and an evil enchantment. Mrs. Benary's outstanding qualities as a writer which were demonstrated in The Ark and Rowan Farm, both of which were chosen Distinguished Books of the Year by the American Library Association, have once again resulted in a highly original book. Enrico Arno's distinguished line drawings are a perfect complement to the text.

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