The Top o' Christmas Morning

The Top o' Christmas Morning

By: Alta Halverson Seymour Complete Authored Works
Published by: Follett Publishing Company
Simultaneously published by: Ambassador Books, Ltd. (Canada)
Publication Date: 1955
Series: Christmas Around The World

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"Aren't you the lucky one to be having a horse of your own!" exclaimed Kevin. "I'm thinking that's something a girl who rides like you has always wanted."

"Ah, it is that," agreed Sheila. "I've wanted it more than anything in the world—except brothers and sisters." But her first delight had faded a little, and she added soberly, "It's glad I am indeed to have the wee horse, but I'm thinking of Danny."

"But to be sure, as your grandfather said, someone would buy it," Nora pointed out sensibly.

"Ah, I know that, but Danny won't like it, just the same I'm wondering what he may do. I'm fearing he won't like it for me to have his Maury Lass."

The problem of the tinker boy took some solving, but it was a wonderful year for Sheila Courtney, and as it turned out, for Danny Aherne, too. Sheila was an only child and had never had such fun before she met Kevin and Nora Donahoe and their lively brothers and sisters. A delightful story, full of the flavor of the Irish countryside, with a most satisfactory climax in time for a real Irish Christmas.

Ages 8-11

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