The Story of the Romans

The Story of the Romans

By: H. A. Guerber
Published by: American Book Company
Publication Date: 1896

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This elementary history of Rome, since it is intended for very young readers, has been related as simply and directly as possible. The aim in not only to instruct, but to interest, school children and to enable them, as it were in play, to gain a fair idea of the people and city of which they will hear so much.

This book is also planned to serve as a general introduction to the study of Latin, which most pupils begin before they have had time to study history. With little, if any, knowledge of the people who spoke the language they are learning, children cannot be expected to take so lively an interest in the study as the would if they knew more...

By gaining a general idea of the great heroes of Roman history, a child's entusiasm can be so roused that Latin will be connected ever after—as it should be—with a lively recollection of the great men who spoke and wrote it.

To secure this end, the writer has not only told the main facts of Roman history, but has woven in the narrative many of the mythical and picturesque tales, which, however untrue, form an important part of classical history, literature, and art...

From the book

Elementary history of Rome, presenting short stories of the great heroes, mythical and historical, from Aeneas and the founding of Rome to the fall of the western empire. Around the famous characters of Rome are graphically grouped the great events with which their names will forever stand connected. Vivid descriptions bring to life the events narrated, making history attractive to the young, and awakening their enthusiasm for further reading and study.From the Yesterday's Classics reprint


The Story of the Romans: Revised and Expanded, Fourth Edition Reprint

The Story of the Romans: Revised and Expanded, Fourth Edition
Reprinted in 2016 by Nothing New Press
Reprint edited by Christine Miller
Available formats: Paperback, Ebook
Series: The Story of Western Civilzation
Series Number: 3
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View Publisher's Preface for details about changes and editions made to the 1896 edition.

In keeping with the other editions of Guerber’s histories available from Nothing New Press, the accurate history on the first settlers of Italy, previously only available in the Publisher’s Preface of Romans, has now been integrated into the first chapters. New chapters on the Roman Religion, on Herod the Great and the birth of Jesus Christ during the Augustan era, on the emperor Vespasian, and the siege of Jerusalem and the Destruction of the Temple have been integrated with the existing narrative, and surrounding chapters juggled where necessary to accommodate the new material in a smooth and unbroken style.

In addition, new material has been added to existing chapters expanding the growth of the Christian church and the persecutions she suffered, and the Judeo-Roman war of 135 AD, during the reign of Hadrian, which resulted in the final expulsion of the Jews from their homeland. Additionally many smaller clarifications and corrections have been made throughout the text. Along with the new and expanded chapters, many more illustrations have been added, current illustrations were upgraded if possible, and the beautiful new cover added.

The Story of the Romans Reprint

The Story of the Romans
Reprinted in 2006 by Yesterday's Classics
Available formats: Paperback, Ebook
View on the Yesterday's Classics site
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This edition is an unabridged republication of the work originally published by American Book Company in 1896.

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