The Story of the Grail and the Passing of Arthur

The Story of the Grail and the Passing of Arthur (Adaptation)

Adapted by: Howard Pyle Complete Authored Works
Published by: Charles Scribner's Sons
Publication Date: 1910
Series: Howard Pyle's Arthurian Legends
Series Number: 4

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In this volume there follows the fourth and last series of those histories relating to the life and to the kingship of Arthur, King of England.

In this it shall first be told how it befell with Sir Geraint; then it shall be told how the Holy Grail was achieved by Sir Galahad, the son of Sir Launcelot; and then it shall be told how King Arthur passed from this life, and how, after doing battle right royally for his crown and having overcome his enemies, he was slain by one of them whom he had wounded to death.

Much in this is sad, but much is not sad; for all endings are sad, and the passing of any hero is a sad thing to tell of; but the events and the adventures and the achievements of such a man are not sad. Thus it is here said that much of this is sad, but much is not sad.

...Be it said that some things in these histories are not recounted in other histories of this momentous reign, but that most of the things that I have written are recounted in such histories, and all those things so recounted I have told to you as they have been aforetime written by other men. In this I have shaped them and adapted them from the ancient style in which they were first written so as to fit them to the taste of those who read them to-day.

So now I take leave of you upon the threshold of this book, and bid you godspeed in reading it. And the first of these adventures that you shall read shall be "The Story of Sir Geraint," which was the first time written in the ancient Welsh, but which is here re-written for your delectation in the manner which I here set it forth.

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The Story of the Grail and the Passing of Arthur Reprint

The Story of the Grail and the Passing of Arthur
Reprinted in 1992 by Dover Publications
Available formats: Paperback, Ebook
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