The Story of Sir Launcelot and his Companions

The Story of Sir Launcelot and his Companions (Adaptation)

Adapted by: Howard Pyle Complete Authored Works
Published by: Charles Scribner's Sons
Publication Date: 1907
Series: Howard Pyle's Arthurian Legends
Series Number: 3

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With this begins the third of those books which I have set myself to write concerning the history of King Arthur of Britain and of those puissant knights who were his Court and of his Round Table.

...So here followeth a further history of Sir Launcelot of the Lake and the narrative of several of the notable adventures that he performed at this time of his life.

Wherefore if it will please you to read that which is hereinafter set forth, you will be told of how Sir Launcelot slew the great Worm of Corbin; of the madness that afterward fell upon him, and of how a most noble, gentle, and beautiful lady, hight the Lady Elaine the Fair, lent him aid and succor at a time of utmost affliction to him, and so brought him back to health again. And you may herein further find it told how Sir Launcelot was afterward wedded to that fair and gentle dame, and of how was born of that couple a child of whom it was prophesied by Merlin (in a certain miraculous manner fully set forth in this book) that he should become the most perfect knight that ever lived and he who should bring back the Holy Grail to the Earth.

For that child was Galahad whom the world knoweth to be the flower of all chivalry; a knight altogether without fear or reproach of any kind, yes, withal, the most glorious and puissant knight-champion who ever lived.

So if the perusal of these things may give you pleasure, I pray you to read that which followeth, for in this book all these and several other histories are set forth in full.

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The Story of Sir Launcelot and his Companions Reprint

The Story of Sir Launcelot and his Companions
Reprinted in 1991 by Dover Publications
Available formats: Paperback
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